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The Premier rodent homecage solution that combines efficient task automation, dependable 24/7 monitoring, and powerful software-based data analysis

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Neurocage Systems is a preclinical translational company founded by a team of passionate scientists with extensive backgrounds in neuroscience research. Our team is dedicated to advancing the field of pharmaceutical R&D by offering innovative tools and services that improve the success of rodent-based research methodologies and rodent husbandry.

Neurocage Systems has developed a revolutionary low-cost solution for automated monitoring and reporting of homecage conditions for rodents. Our patent-pending product utilizes a video camera, sensors, and an artificial intelligence system for real-time identification of problems and immediate alerts to animal husbandry staff. By ensuring optimal living conditions for research animals, our innovative system leads to more reliable and reproducible results. Join us in the pursuit of scientific excellence and ethical animal research with Neurocage Systems



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Our Lower-Cost solution for rodent based research and husbandry

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